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How to Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally

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While many people look forward to changes in the seasons, many others dread the thought of the changing weather conditions and what it will mean to their health. Seasonal allergies can drive you crazy, especially since conventional remedies don’t always seem to work. You may also not want to keep taking the numerous pills and nose drops with their attendant side effects.

The good news is that nature has provided abundant solutions for seasonal allergies. There are many simple and natural ways to effectively deal with your seasonal allergies.


You can keep allergens at bay throughout the year with a simple humidifier. Allergens disperse more freely in dry air. Keeping a humidifier on indoors will increase moisture content of air and in turn help to keep the allergens that cause your allergies out of the air. This is especially important on cool nights when moisture content is low. The water droplets will bind onto the allergens making them heavy. They are therefore unable to move around as freely as they would in dry air.

Inhale steam

This is one of the most widely known and applied remedy for a congested nose. But not many people know that it can apply even for allergies. You simply need to add some essential oils to your regular steam basin. An effective combination of essential oils for the treatment of allergies would include Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Myrtle and Tea Tree oil. Add two to three drops of each of these essential oils to hot steaming water and inhale the steam as deeply as you can. Repeat this two to three times a day for the best results.


Ever wondered if you could get a natural anti-allergy shot? Honey might be just what you need to help you with allergies to pollen. You only need to ensure that the honey is produced within your local area. This is because the bees in your locality will collect pollen from plants within the area.


Eastern medicinal methods are gaining popularity even amongst conventional medical practitioners. There are many things about the body that even modern medicine still can’t explain. For example, why is acupuncture so effective against allergies?

Well, we aren’t here to answer that question but to point out that this method of natural treatment is probably one of the most effective treatments for allergies especially if you start it about a month to the change of the season.

According to medical specialists, acupuncture is so effective because of the stimulation of the meridians. This is said to be the channel through which energy in the body flows. Stimulating this channel may help in stabilizing your immune system and prevent it from becoming hyperactive when exposed to allergens at the turn of the season.


Homeopathic treatments are very effective for various ailments including allergies. These treatments involve the use of flower and herb essences that are believed to stimulate different organs and reactions within the body. Modern homeopathic therapies allow you to take a tablet that dissolves on your tongue. Some common homeopathic remedies for allergies include Allum cepa a great remedy for a running nose and Euphrasia an effective remedy for burning and itchy eyes.

Stinging Nettle Leaf

Stinging nettle leaf probably has bragging rights over the herbal allergy treatment crown. This herb is the most common herb in allergy remedy combinations. You can get full strength benefits of stinging nettle by simply having some stinging nettle leaf tea. Ensure that you get the full benefits from the tea by pouring hot water into a cup and letting the stinging nettle leaf tea bag sit in the water for at least 10 minutes before you drink the tea.

These are just a few of the many natural remedies available for allergies. You don’t have to suffer the side effects of conventional allergy treatments or have to get painful shots to avoid allergic reactions. Let nature take care of your body with natural remedies for seasonal allergies.



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