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“I have been looking for a deodorant that is safe to use and one that works as well as the name brands. My skin is very sensitive so I waited for the weekend to use it just in case I had a reaction. I put it on Saturday morning then I went shopping with my wife, helped clean the house, and exercised for over an hour. After having it on for 12 hours I could not believe how well it worked. My wife was a little scared at first to come close to me after running on the treadmill for an hour, but even she was happily surprised that I still had no odor. I was actually shocked by how well it worked. I would never endorse a product unless I really believe in it. It was like the first time I used an electric toothbrush. You almost feel silly that you were using something else. You can tell people how superior a product is but until they try it they will keep on using what they know. If you want a superior product that is safe and works, there is only one to buy, Ruma Organics.”

Jack Johns



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