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About Sylvia

sylvia-ruma.jpgSylvia is a Mom and wife on mission.  Since learning about the dangers of chemicals that are included in everything from deodorant to skin care products, she’s become an evangelist for providing healthier alternatives.  

Sylvia is a Michigan native who is not only focused on the physical health of people in her community, but is also passionate about providing economic solutions to the financial concerns people of Michigan face every day.  “Selfishly, I want my kids to stay in Michigan when they get older,” she says,  “so creating jobs in Michigan makes sense to me.”  

With two degrees from the University of Michigan, and just three classes away from her Masters degree from Walsh College, her education and passion for healthy families provide a platform for speaking to the many concerns health-conscious people are facing today. 

Sylvia and her husband Chris live in Macomb, Michigan with their 3 children Emilio, Lorenzo and Luciano.  She enjoys traveling and has visited many countries around the world including; Lebanon, England, Germany, Austria, and France. 


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