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How do I use Ruma Organics as a deodorant?

Apply generously and gently to your armpits making sure that you massage the cream into the skin. Upon contact to the skin, the coconut oil will help the cream soften making it dissolve!  


Can I put deodorant cream on right after I shave?

It is recommended that you shave at night and apply the cream in the morning!  Sometimes burning or a rash will occur and that can eventually go away as your body acclimates to the pH balancing. 


Why do I have a rash from the deodorant cream?

Your body may need to detox the aluminum from the commercial deodorants that you may have been using.  After you make the switch to a natural deodorant, your body could experience a rash or itchy armpits for up to two weeks.  However, if your condition continues please discontinue use and allow your armpits to heal before you use any other natural deodorants. 

*It is very possible that after wearing chemical and aluminum laden deodorants, you may need to detox your armpits from all the build up!


What do I do if the cream is melted?

No worries….. if your cream is melted, just stir it well and set it upright in the fridge for 15 minutes and it will re-harden!  Please keep jar in a dark, cool, dry place and keep the lid on the jar tightly closed when you are not using it. 


What do I do if I want my cream to be softer?

Some customers love their Ruma Organics cream softer on some days, no problem…. just take your hair blow dryer to the outside of the jar for a few seconds and voila….creamier cream!


What are the other uses for Ruma Organics Cream?

The cream is an amazing facial scrub.  Your face will be radiant with fewer break outs because of the pH balancing agent.  It is also an excellent lip scrub and an effective natural teeth whitener (when used only 2 x per week).  It will alleviate foot odor, sooth eczema and mosquito bites.  Many customers love to use it in place of their shaving cream.  Let us know what you think and how you love to use your Ruma Organics.


Ruma Organics is not meant to replace the word of a physician.  Always consult your physician before you use any products for any problems.  Pregnant or nursing woman should consult a physician before using essential oils.


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