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Revealed: Secrets to Naturally Cozy Homes

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Have you ever walked into a house or apartment and felt instantly at home? You may have looked around and wondered why the home was so cozy and why you couldn’t get your own home to feel that way.

It doesn’t come down to having a sense of style or not. There are many simple things you can do or add to your home that will make it comfortable for you and your guests.

Where do I start?

We have five body senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. Many people also add a sixth sense that is intangible. It is a feeling that is not easy to describe but is certainly there.

Throughout the process of making your home cozier, there is one thing that you have to keep in mind: we are guided by our body’s senses. This means that you have to appeal to the senses in transforming your home into a comfortable one.

How to do it

To ensure that your house is cozy, you have to ensure that you appeal to all five senses. You can also add the sixth sense when you have managed to satisfy the first five.


There are certain textures that are necessary for ensuring a cozy feel in your home. It is very hard for anyone to feel cozy in a home where most surfaces are hard. It is therefore important to include soft natural fabrics especially in seating and sleeping areas. Include natural fibers on seats and beds. Cushions that are soft will also add a cozy feel. Try to find mattresses that provide a balance between softness and firmness.

Ensure that your home is kept clean. Dust and wipe surfaces often. Dusty and grimy surfaces are unpleasant to touch.

For added coziness, add natural textures from the outdoors. Use items such as natural rocks, plants, wood and leaves to decorate your home. This variety of textures is exciting to touch.


Appealing to the sense of sight is probably first and foremost on everyone’s mind. Many people are concerned about colors and finding the right balance and furniture styles.

Finding colors that are pleasing to everyone is impossible. You can therefore use your own favorite colors and achieve a cozy feel for yourself. However, warm colors are generally pleasant to most people and are great for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Add some decorative pieces that are reflective of nature to add to the comfort of the home such as landscape paintings and artifacts. Beauty is subjective but there are some items that are universally thought of as having the power to create a homely feel such as a fireplace, beeswax candles and soft lighting.


Fragrance has a lot to do with our comfort. Did you know that smells trigger memories and feelings associated with these memories? You can therefore add some scents from nature that can trigger good feelings in you.

You don’t have to rely on artificial air fresheners. You can use natural spiced cider or potpourris to give your home that natural scent without being too overpowering like many artificial air fresheners.


This doesn’t mean changing your home into a candy home out of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. Delicious food has a great role to play in making your home cozy. Preparing meals that are pleasant to the pallet (not to mention to the sense of smell) is important to adding to the cozy factor. There are many online resources with free healthy recipes that use natural ingredients.


Many people spend a lot of money every year to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the country side or a quite retreat in the mountains. The noise of city life can make even the most comfortable home seem horrible. Keep noise out of your home and maintain a serene environment e.g. ensuring insulation around windows to keep street noise out. You can also enhance the serene environment in the home by adding sounds that are known to be soothing such as the sound of flowing water in a small table top fountain.

With these few basic ideas you can turn your home into that haven you have been dreaming about.



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