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  • These pH Test Strips from Green Gold Nutrition give you a easy, scientific way to discover your acid/alkaline levels of urine and saliva.

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pH Test Strips

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The litmus strips made available from Green Gold Nutrition give you a easy, affordable and precise method to keep tabs on pH levels daily. In seconds you'll be able to discover your own pH by comparing the strip with the matching colors found on the box.


pH levels really should be examined every morning prior to eating breakfast and also in the evening prior to bedtime. The optimum level according to most medical proffessionals is 7.2. Keep in mind that if you're measuring saliva, you should do this prior to eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.


When something carries a pH level of 0 it's among the most acidic elements on the planet. On the other hand, a pH of 14, is the most alkaline. Pure water with no other ingredients has a pH of 7.00, and was the formula utilized as the basis for the the pH scale. pH is an acronym for potential hydrogen. The numbers on the scale depict the amount of hydrogen ions found in a substance. Hydrogen ions are acidic which carry a positive electrical charge. Alkaline ions have negative electrical charge. If the positive or negative charges become imbalanced, they become destructive.


The pH scale varies from 0-14 and is logarithmic, meaning that each level is 10 times the previous. To put it differently, a pH of 4.00 is 10 x more acidic than 5.00, 100 times greater than 6.00 and 1,000 times greater than 7.00. For instance, cola consists of phosphoric acid and contains a pH level roughly 2.8. This makes cola close to 50,000 times more acidic than pure water at pH 7.00!


Should your pH Test Strips regularly reveal a pH level close to 7.2, you can be trust that your cells are being provided with the nutrients and oxygen they need without having to acquire alkalizing minerals from other areas of the body. Get your test strips today and start applying this straightforward science to your health program!



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