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14 Simple Things You Can Do To Live a More Stress Free Life (Part 1)

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We all want to live a healthy and full life. However, for many of us, there’s a significant gap between wanting and having. That’s why every year, Americans spend millions of dollars trying to find solutions for health conditions and ways to improve our health. We chase our health goals like carrots on a stick. However, often we don’t have to search high and low for the latest trends and ground-breaking developments. Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes are enough to dramatically improve our health and lifestyle.

The reality is that none of these suggestions are things you haven’t heard before. We all know we should be doing things. We just need a few reminders now and again to keep us on the right track. Let’s make 2014 a great year for our personal health, the health of our families, and journey toward a more healthy future together!

This is Part One of a two-part post. Another 7 helpful tips will be revealed next week, so be sure to check back!


It is not only important to sleep but also to get enough sleep. It’s well known that we should be getting at least 8 hours a day. But are you doing it? Are you structuring your day to make this a priority? Getting the proper amount of sleep will help you to be more productive with the other 16 hours in the day. You can still accomplish the same amount of work because you’ll be able to think more clearly and be more efficient with your time. Go to sleep when you are tired. Ensure that you go to sleep at the same time every day and get up at about the same time. This will create a sense of balance for your system shutting down and waking up at the set times every day.


Eating healthy will ensure that your body is supplied with the right nutrients to provide you with enough energy to get through your activities for the day. This doesn’t mean purchasing expensive foods that are advertised as being healthy. It simply means eating a balanced meal that supplies you with adequate nutrients.

Eat organic foods

With nutrition in mind, give attention to organic foods. These are grown naturally and are free of many of the chemicals found in foods grown in commercial settings. You will therefore avoid many harmful chemicals that that cause long-term health complications. Fewer health problems = less stress!


Exercise is not only good for losing weight, building muscle and staying fit. It is also a great way to reduce stress levels. Exercising takes your mind off stressful situations and gets your blood circulating. This doesn’t mean that you have to join a gym or run a marathon. You can simply take part in activities that are fun such as dancing, brisk walking and other activities that get you moving. Exercise results in the release of ‘happy hormones’. You’ll feel much better after exercise.

Focus on one thing at a time

Many people get stressed as they try to handle multiple things at a time. Identify the most important activities for the day and focus on completing each task at a time. “Multi-Taskers” are often given lots of praise, but the truth is, trying to do too many things will result in less efficiency and a lower quality of work. There’s no way around it. It’s like trying to fit your minivan through the doggy door. Just doesn’t work without something breaking.

Prioritize and simplify

Being active is good but don’t overdo it. A hectic schedule can only result in more stress especially if you are not able to complete any of the most important tasks. Identify the most important tasks and focus on those. Learn to effectively delegate the rest!

Avoid procrastinating

This doesn’t mean that you have to cram all your activities into one day. Just don’t put off important tasks until the last minute. Procrastination results in stress as you are rushing to complete a project, which results in lower-quality work, and which creates a world of stress all it’s own.

Check back next week for 7 more helpful tips on living a stress free life!



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